by on October 28, 2017

I once saw this young boy at church,  he always had a bald head and looked up to standard.  When I saw him I thought he had a stable job and perhaps a car,  that is how good he looked.  But I could tell that he was young. 

Each week he wore a different set of clothes,  and after church he would not speak to anyone,  he was a mystery man. Flip I was so attracted to him. One Sunday I decided to approacg him,  he was sitting in the car alone and I knocked on the window and he opened while he was still speaking on his phone.  While I was waiting for his attention his voice was so soft yet with bass and I was getting wetter by the second.  Long story short we spoke exchanged numbers,  we spoke on WhatsApp till I invited him to come over to my place.  By the way my parents are church priests,  so he tried to avoid me till he couldn't refuse. I told him to come 8a.m in the morning because by that time I'm alone in the house. 

I had cooked for him,  and finally the call came but I didn't answer,  so he texted to notify that he's outside the gate. I went on to open the gate,  he smelled so good and his bald head was so shiny.  As we walk in the house he decided to give me a kiss on the lips, he told me that he wants to fuck me in the morning before we could eat or do anything else.  Lo and behold I wasn't wearing any underwear,  I tried to resist his request but my punani got wetter. He held me closer looked straight into my eyes like no other guy has ever did,  and kissed me again, slowly he kissed my neck very passionately. I began to moan and the only thing I wanted to do was fuck him at that moment.  He untied his pants and he was hard,  but not that big lol. Pushed me on the couch and I was ready for him to enter me so I opened my legs so wide for him to see my ovaries lol. Instead I saw him walking closer to me and he kneeled in front of me.  He kissed my already wet cunt and I moaned till my thighs we're shaking uncontrollably  after the orgasms he turned my body and he slowly entered from behind- doggy style.  Funny enough it felt like he had put a big rod in my pyssy bcos I moaned turning my eyes to the sky and he grinded slowly for a few minutes and we both ejaculated at the same time.  He was moaning with his soft bass "Fe...li... CIA" and I was squirting simulatanesly and u told him I loved him but he didnt answer.  He said we shouldn't put on our clothes back on,  so we spent the whole day naked. We ate,  watched movies and danced naked.  Today we are two years in a relationship. 


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Jeremy 🇿🇲
That's so lovely. U have beautiful chemistry together
February 28, 2019