by on October 28, 2017

... We had spend the whole day naked.  So he left but we we're in agreement to be in a relationship.  Out of curiosity I asked him his aged and he to me that he's 21 years of age. In my head I calculated: " Oh hell no,  i'm  actually  4 years older than him and perhaps he was a virgin".  A total of five days past without any communication from each other,  simply because we we're trying to deal with the shock of our age gap.  

I opened my WhatsApp messenger,  and I noticed he tried to reach out to me for the past three days. He had sent me and "I love you" text on the first day.  The second and third day my storage was emptied by images of his erect penis,  emphasising that he hasn't had enough of me.  I barely couldn't think straight,  I decided to ignore the texts and he was online.  I was immediately aroused so I went to my car with my sex toy.  I was wearing a dress, I pulled down my panty then I undressed. My pussy was so shiny from being wet,  I slid two fingers in and my I let go of my emotions then a squirt sneaked out. I removed my fingers then inserted a dildo into my pussy,  I was thrusting myself so hard while music was playing on the car radio,  and it was Kenny latimore. I thrusted myself to the motion of the song's  rhythm and slowly I lost cognisanse of the sound of the song as I eased into the most intense orgasm. My but checks contracted,  my toes curled towards me and I felt whole. Soon as I opened my eyes the song had elapsed to my favorite part,  at that moment a call from "Ben 4" came in. He wanted to see me,  complaining that I made a fool of him. Out of compassion I dressed up and immediately drove to him.  

As I get to his house he was already anticipating me at his gate,  he entered the car.  He told me to drive inside his house garage as the garage and gate slid opened electronically.  It was dark in the garage,  and I felt his hands into my lap and my car seat leaned back.  Everything was happening too quick here,  he jumped onto me slid my panty down as a tried to speak,  he pulled the " shhh move" on me as he kissed my mouth,  neck and untied my dress. He slid his wood into me and moved in motions that felt so good inside of me,  to my head the orgasms invaded I couldn't hold the scream. "Stop!!!  Ahh..mmm.. . Stop".  He jumped off me while I took a breather, I was inhaling heavily and a phone light started to shine on my face because it was dark. He smiled and looked at him back and I laughed. 


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February 28, 2019