by on December 9, 2019
Do you sometimes look at other men's cocks? Have you Googled cock pics? Have cock pics ever made your cock hard? Would you jerk with another guy? Come on let's learn together
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by on November 29, 2017
It was on the 29 October 2017, when I met a young short Pedi girl at Savannah Mall. Exchanged numbers at pass 5 in the evening, and round about 9 the same night we meet at a BnB where I was booked in. She was a well built nice assed lady with a very matured big pussy lips. We kissed passionately and before I knew it, she pushed me hard into the bed. Jumped on me and said " I am the master, and you are a slave". She had a juicy lips that gives me a very sensible blowjob ever received from a woman...
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by on November 25, 2017
So I've just finished school and been working for a company as a PA.The owner was a 55 Year old white married male. I used to wonder what it would be like to feel his white cock in my tight Indian pussy. One day while typing out an email he came and stood behind me. I looked up and caught him staring down my blouse.I asked Andre, do you like what you see.His eyes surprised and shook his head yes. We were alone in the office. His wife was away for the week on business. I stood up grabbed and kiss...
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by on October 28, 2017
... We had spend the whole day naked. So he left but we we're in agreement to be in a relationship. Out of curiosity I asked him his aged and he to me that he's 21 years of age. In my head I calculated: " Oh hell no, i'm actually 4 years older than him and perhaps he was a virgin". A total of five days past without any communication from each other, simply because we we're trying to deal with the shock of our age gap. I opened my WhatsApp messenger, and I noticed he tried to reach out to me for...
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by on October 28, 2017
I once saw this young boy at church, he always had a bald head and looked up to standard. When I saw him I thought he had a stable job and perhaps a car, that is how good he looked. But I could tell that he was young. Each week he wore a different set of clothes, and after church he would not speak to anyone, he was a mystery man. Flip I was so attracted to him. One Sunday I decided to approacg him, he was sitting in the car alone and I knocked on the window and he opened while he was still spea...
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by on October 23, 2017
“Last year, as a junior in high school, I was at a house party in my buddy’s attic while his parents were out of town. We were all boozing, downing whatever beer or liquor we could skim off our parents when this girl stopped the music suddenly and announced that it was time to play Seven Minutes In Heaven. Sounds lame, maybe, but there’s not much to do in the burbs. I got tossed in the closet with this average looking girl but I was okay with it since she had above average tits. When she explain...
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by on October 23, 2017
“I was back from school for winter break when I met my mom’s new boyfriend for the first time. My parents divorced when I was five, so it wasn’t like it was traumatic or anything to meet the guy. I didn’t expect him to be so damn hot, though. He’s a personal trainer, and fit as hell—six-pack-abs-and-ripped-arms fit, like you see in advertisements for weight loss supplements and gym memberships. When he rang the doorbell one night around 6pm looking for my mom, who was out at the time, I decided ...
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by on August 10, 2017
last nite was womens day so i gone to my friend house to celebrate the day with her wen i got ther she was with her friends from we stayed outside with her friend we had sum drinks we had fun enjoying the day .She was so sexy mmmhhhh i even can"t let eye of her sexy body owh her lips wow, as time goes she was getting drunked she started holdiung me in front of her friends to come dance with her i wash bid shy but i did go and dance with her and she was getting herself out of control we...
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by on July 11, 2017
looking to meet with ladies that would like to recieve head, NSA, let me go down on you, and when done you can walk away without any obligations,
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by on March 25, 2017
..everytime i find a girlfrend, once we have a nice time ,not realy nice time i gues coz she wil screams most of the time, she break up with me for me not openly , so i lways wonder whats wrong with my machine, without sex we will be cool but hey the machine needs to be serviced.
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by on February 12, 2017
Looking for a thick lady around Springs town for friendship but with Benefits
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by on January 10, 2017
Good morning all How does one hook up with a girl or lady for sex cause i'm really in need for sex right now.
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