I want a friend that I can like masturbate with. Not necessarily in a sexual way. But just something like, she’s horny, I’m horny, but she’s at my house, but we don’t care so we just get off. If we have sex, cool, if not, cool. I want a friend that I can send hot porn too and they’d send it to me just because it’s hot and the other one would like it. Someone I can openly talk about sex with, like “yea when I rub my cock, i have to find the right place to cum” and her just be like “have you tried “xxxx”? It gets my cock throbbing” shit. I want a sexual friend, dammit.
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Here, I post stories from my personal sex stories blog: My stories are very steamy and erotic and will get you all sticky and wet. Now, grab yourself a roll of tissue paper and get set to touch yourslef silly as we take this groovy ride!